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New Pharaoh's Treasure 4-PL Pusher

Category: Prize
Item #: B3320
Shipping Weight: 760 lb
Dimension: Height: 72" Width: 42" Depth: 42"
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Pharaoh's Treasure is a 4-Player pusher with FIVE ways to earn tickets.

The player must time his or her coin to fall into one of the three wheel cups. These cups make the wheel on the playfield move thereby earning extra tickets. Coins that fall into the left or right cups move the wheel in that direction one space. The number the wheel lands on are the extra tickets won. When the player gets their coin into the center cup, the wheel spins and stops randomly on a number. This is the amount of tickets they earn.

The excitement does not end there. The coin then falls onto the horizontal playfield where the player now tries to move the tomb past the Bonus Line to win the Progressive Jackpot! When the tomb moves past the light the Bonus Lights go off telling everyone the Progressive Jackpot for that side has just been won. The tomb will then move backwards and reset itself.

Pharaoh's Treasure was designed with the location in mind. It measures just 42" square which makes placing this pusher much easier. The coloring and lighting of the game, along with the theme, is sure to catch every player's eye. We have located power sources from the top and bottom of the game. Each cashbox locks for security and we have placed the main board in such a way as to make it easier to access when needed. We did the same for access to the motors of the game. The vertical playfields are hinged to make it a breeze getting to the inside of the game.

Item #: B3320
Dimension: height: 72" width: 42" depth: 42"

Shipping Weight: 760 lb
Shipping Dimensions:
   Box 1: Height: 83" Width: 45" Depth: 45"

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