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New Stinky Feet w/ Tkt Disp

Category: Prize
Item #: C1800
Shipping Weight: 655 lb
Dimension: Height: 79" Width: 34" Depth: 105"
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It's fun, exciting, different and simple game play that works! Stinky Feet is a hilarious new multi-target water race game great for all ages. Follow the light pattern to win!! It has a unique bathtub theme. Every gun is a replica of a bathtub faucet, and the seats resemble toilets!!!!

Item #: C1800
Dimension: height: 79" width: 34" depth: 105"
Power Supply: 6 Amps

Shipping Weight: 655 lb
Shipping Dimensions:
   Box 1: Height: 84" Width: 36" Depth: 74"

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