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New Price Is Right Shell Game w/ Tkt Disp

Category: Prize
Item #: C1870
Shipping Weight: 400 lb
Dimension: Height: 89" Width: 36" Depth: 40"
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The officially licensed video-redemption classic is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and should be a staple for any FEC looking to attract players and families of all ages. ICE teamed up with Gamewax, the London - based software development studio, to develop this popular skill game concept.

The game is simple and straight forward as ICE delivers the ultimate modern day challenge: Follow the diamond as it is shuffled among the cups, pick the cup that's hiding the diamond and you have just made it to the Showcase Showdown where players watch the big wheel spin and hope to hit the Super Bonus!

The sleek and inviting cabinet jumps out from angles of the game room with a sharp horizontally mounted 32" LCD screen and colorful marquee which clearly displays the alluring SUPER BONUS. The game can be fitted with an optional stool, dollar bill acceptor and/or made swipe card ready, making this piece ideal for locations with limited space availability or a location looking to add a reliable deluxe high earning video redemption unit.

Item #: C1870
Dimension: height: 89" width: 36" depth: 40"
Power Supply: 6 Amps

Shipping Weight: 400 lb
Shipping Dimensions:
   Box 1: Height: 85" Width: 36" Depth: 44"

No playfield available for this product.