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New Dino Pop w/ Tkt Disp

Category: Prize
Item #: C2410
Shipping Weight: 552 lb
Dimension: Height: 82" Width: 39" Depth: 72"
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Dino Pop is a new ball toss game for children and the whole family!

This is a simple and fun game where players toss as many balls as they can into the Dino's mouth within the time limit. The Dino also moves to make the ball toss slightly more challenging! Tickets are awarded based on the final score.

  • Very adorable Dino character that moves!
  • Colorful cabinet, small footprint, suitable for all locations
  • Fully adjustable game time and payouts settings

Item #: C2410
Dimension: height: 82" width: 39" depth: 72"

Shipping Weight: 552 lb
Shipping Dimensions:
   Box 1: Height: 91" Width: 42" Depth: 75"

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