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New Magazine Me (Mini) w/DBA

Category: Prize
Item #: C2700
Shipping Weight: 450 lb
Dimension: Height: 76" Width: 38" Depth: 29"
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The new "Magazine Me Mini" Photobooth from Apple Industries delivers both images to customers and more revenue to operators !

Magazine Me Mini offers users the ability to see themselves on the front cover of 16 different magazines, giving the user the fun of inserting their face of a cover for an exciting personalized memento! As Magazine Me offers only one picture per person, groups tend to spend more money, as they are forced to use it one person at a time.

Users get 25 seconds to choose a magazine style, then 3 takes for the "perfect" picture, then their image scrolls on-screen for review while machine is printing, and then a fun magazine with their face on the cover is vended !

You can also add custom promotions and advertisements like corporate logos, product ads, messages and more !

Brand all photos with your ad or logo, promote a upcoming special event, welcome a group and more - Simply upload your logo, background or message directly into the booth, or the factory can optionally preinstall your message(s).

Magazine Me Mini Photo Booth Machine Features :

* Prints (1) 8" x 10" Magazine Cover Photo Per Vend
* Free Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) Included !
* Optional Credit and Debit Card Capability
* 270 Vends Per Roll Of Film
* Caster Wheels For Easy Placement
* Made Of Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction
* "Easy-Move" with included Caster Wheels
* Custom Commercial-Grade Mitsubishi Photo Printer
* Remote Auditing and Adjusting Capable
* Customized Magazine Cover Designs Available !

Item #: C2700
Dimension: height: 76" width: 38" depth: 29"
Power Supply: 7 Amps

Shipping Weight: 450 lb
Shipping Dimensions:
   Box 1: Height: 83" Width: 39" Depth: 31"

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