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New Target Toss Pro Showpiece Trans.Cab Lite (Vault)

Category: Sports
Item #: C3690
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The Target Toss Pro: series brings familiar games and casual competition to coin-op. The objective is simple: Use the trackball to toss one thing onto or in another thing. It's an approachable concept that appeals to players and gets them involved immediately. And once they start, the challenging action and rewarding fun keep them coming back for more!

Cash in on the Craze with Bags!
Bags is a video version of the nation's hottest tailgate and bar game sensation, and has been enjoying great success since 2007. Bags takes a fresh twist on the classic game, featuring a new scoring strategy that further rewards players for making a "swish" instead of a standard "hole shot". A wide variety of play choices, a multitude of local leaderboards and clever features like "Call Your Shot" make Bags perfect for every location.

The World's Most Dangerous Game is Back with Lawn Darts!
Banned in North America for over 20 years, Lawn Darts makes a dramatic return in coin-op form. Now everyone can once again enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of tossing huge metal spikes into the air. Lawn Darts presents four unique and addicting games to choose from: Classic Lawn Darts, Poker Darts, Cricket and 501. Lawn Darts also introduces Raw Talk, bringing uncensored, adult commentary into the game that is sure to appeal to the rowdy bar crowd. You've never heard anything like it!

With all Target Toss games, player rewards abound, including tons of local high score leaderboards and player initials displayed right on the tosser's shirt. Another unique benefit to Target Toss is that players, locations and operators all have the power to instantly set up their own four, eight, and sixteen-man tournaments. Local contests, tournaments and even leagues have sprung up all over the country!

The perfect game for any location
Approachable game play for men and women
Casual competition
Fast and affordable game play
Available in new Showpiece Cabinet
Kit perfect for classic Golden Tee Fore! cabinets
Software Update adds Lawn Darts to existing Bags games
* Showpiece Transfer Cabinet Lite (Vault, No DBA, No Card Reader)
* The Showpiece cabinet ships without a monitor or stand, leaving the installation process customizable to the vast needs of today's modern operator.

Item #: C3690
Dimension: height: " width: " depth: "

No video available for this product.

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