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New Color Blocks w/ Tkt Disp

Category: Prize
Item #: C8190
Shipping Weight: 440 lb
Dimension: Height: 79" Width: 39" Depth: 35"
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  • Kids & Family Friendly Design
  • Charismatic LED Lighting Effect With Electrifying Music
  • Simple & Easy, One Illuminating Button Play
  • Powerful & Thrilling Ball Shooting Experience
  • Exciting & Fun To Watch Zig-Zag Ball Movement Through Pins
  • For Double Score, Aim The Ball To Pass Through Moving Target
  • Accumulating Winning Makes It Addictive

  • How To Play
    Step 1: Insert coin(s); Press button to shoot the ball
    Step 2: Tickets are awarded when you make through a color hole
    Step 3: Aim the ball to pass through moving target for double score
    Step 4: Avoid black holes and keep your winnings
    Step 5: Aim to light up all five lights in a column; RED column will hit the JACKPOT !!!

    Item #: C8190
    Dimension: height: 79" width: 39" depth: 35"

    Shipping Weight: 440 lb
    Shipping Dimensions:
       Box 1: Height: 84" Width: 45" Depth: 40"

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