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New Boxer Glove w/ Wheel

Category: Sports
Item #: C8340
Shipping Weight: 495 lb
Dimension: Height: 88" Width: 28" Depth: 53"
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Boxer Glove is a punch measurement machine which is designed around the original shape of a boxing glove. This unique design catches player's attention and is one of the hottest and most popular coin-operated boxing machines on the market.

The boxing machine offers 4 different games: power, speed and reflex as well as tournament mode (up to 6 players) with variety of sound effects.


  • Unique glove shape
  • Double layer front panel
  • Up to 6 players
  • Side illuminating lights
  • Stainless steel side pipes
  • 4 game types

  • Body
  • Exclusive and unique boxing glove design that connects to boxing immediately
  • Side illuminating lights (LEDs)
  • Plastic chrome-looking LED mount holders
  • Cabinet comes in two colors: Vibrant red or extra exclusive-looking black
  • One of the hottest and most popular on the market
  • Double layer front panel

  • Functions
  • Setting price of the game
  • Setting bonus credits for certain amount of money (with or without counting coins/bills)
  • Setting bonus credits for high score
  • Bonus credits for round numbers and triple numbers
  • Manual high score setting
  • Automatic power record decrease
  • Unbreakable record setting
  • One free game
  • Free game mode
  • Demo music mode
  • Demo lights mode
  • Flashing halogen lights mode
  • Initial high score setting
  • Credits erasing
  • Lucky number game (needs thermal printer)
  • Adjusting difficulty level

  • Electronics
  • Main board
  • 2 power supplies, one for main board, one for solenoid
  • Measuring mechanism
  • Verbal information system
  • Punching bag lowering mechanism
  • Visual information assembly
  • 1 bill acceptor
  • 1 coin acceptor

  • Available Upgrades:
  • Wheel of Boxing
  • Ticket dispenser
  • Thermal printer
  • Capsule dispenser
  • Internet connection modem
  • Second bill - or coin acceptor

  • Power Usage:
    Idle State: 21.6 Watts (0.17A - 0.19A)
    Peak Usage: 426 Watts (3.5A - 3.6A)

    Handicap version available.

    Item #: C8340
    Dimension: height: 88" width: 28" depth: 53"

    Shipping Weight: 495 lb
    Shipping Dimensions:
       Box 1: Height: 93" Width: 41" Depth: 52"

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