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New Atomic Rush 4 Player

Category: Arcade
Item #: C8570
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Born out of innovation and forged by the minds that brought you the award winning Lazer Frenzy laser maze comes a game inspired by the latest in touch and LED technologies.

Built from the ground up, AtomicRUSH was created to catapult the games of today into the future of tomorrow and to give entertainment locations an exciting new attraction to profit from. With its multi-player options and various game formats, AtomicRUSH is a game that can change and adapt overtime giving you unlimited variations. Great for individuals, friends, teams of 2 or 4 as well as groups of 8, AtomicRUSH is perfect for placement in family entertainment locations, skating rinks, bowling centers, theme parks, science centers, laser tag sites and more.

Requiring less than 150 square feet, this multi-player game provides great returns. Accepting tokens, bills, or swipe cards, this versatile stand-alone attraction is a great addition to any space.


  • 1 Year Warranty - All electronic components are covered under this bumper to bumper
       warranty - extended warranties available

  • Multiple Players - 1, 2, 3, or 4 players can pay and play at the same time for a better ROI

  • Custom Archway - Every AtomicRUSH attraction includes a beautiful entrance archway with
       vibrant graphics and more to help attract people to the game.

  • Interactive Devices - The touch-sensitive monitor in the archway utilizes state-of-the-art
       touch technology, and removes the need for "old generation" plastic buttons.

  • Vibrant LED Lighting - Brilliant multicolored LED lights

  • Live-Action Video - The audience watches the action outside the attraction on our HDTV monitor
       in COLOR. Plus the HDTV monitor loops a "How to Play" video, as well as a fun marketing video to
       entice guests to play.

  • Surround Sound - The surround sound creates a high level of excitement and immersion for players.

  • Security System - The motion detector security systems prevents players from entering the room
       without paying. This prevents cheating and vandalism.

  • Printed Scores - Each player receives a memorable keepsake of their experience that prints
       automatically after each game for easy retrieval. Plus there are 3 editable lines that you can
       customize with your facility information, upcoming events or provide coupons/discounts for other
       attractions as a way to cross promote other attractions. This is a clickable box in our software so you
       can choose to turn this off if you'd like for any reason.

  • Redemption Points - The printed scores can also award redemption points for use at a prize counter.
       This is another clickable feature in our software with the ability to set the number of redemption
       points earned based on the score achieved.

  • Informative Reports - You can monitor performance, usage, and game information at a glance and
       password protect these areas as needed.

    Why should you buy AtomicRUSH? There are several advantages to this low-cost, high-profit attraction versus an attraction of similar size footprint or cost.

  • Appeals to ALL ages - All electronic components are covered under this bumper to bumper
       warranty - extended warranties available

  • Appeals to ALL abilities - Multiple difficulty levels challenge everyone

  • It's Upgradeable - Insert new game scenarios for an ever-changing and popular attraction

  • It's Immersive - Bright lasers, thrilling music, and fun sound effects captivate your guests

  • Small Footprint - 130 square feet is all AtomicRUSH needs

  • High Throughput - Average game time lasts only 60 seconds

  • Low Cost - Priced similar to 4 arcade/redemption games and easy to Finance

  • High Revenue Potential - The revenue of nearly 8 arcade games in half the space
  • Item #: C8570
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