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New Sea Way Submarine

Category: Kiddie rides
Item #: D2030
Shipping Weight: 480 lb
Dimension: Height: 75" Width: 43" Depth: 77"
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Submarine Kiddie Ride with Monitor!

A great underwater motion kiddie ride with interactive on-board fishing game!


  • Sea-like movement motion platform
  • Interactive mini fishing game
  • 4 game control buttons
  • Fun and educational

When sitting in the submarine it will make sea-like movements, while riding use the buttons to control the Ride and Learn fishing game. If a fish is caught with the net, the name and a fact about the fish will appear on the screen.
  • Skin button will change the color of the submarine
  • Net button will throw a net to try and catch a fish
  • Speed button will speed up the submarine
  • Speak button will launch trumpets and cheers

Item #: D2030
Dimension: height: 75" width: 43" depth: 77"

Shipping Weight: 480 lb

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